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Pet Containment Systems


Hickory Ridge Farms, Inc.
16309 S. Boone
Columbia Station, OH 44028

Tel (440) 236-3558

FAX (440) 236-3938

Pet Containment Systems in Northeast Ohio

Keep your pet safe and happy with premium products from Hickory Ridge Farms, an authorized PetSafe Professional™ dealer.

Petsafe InstallerReliability is the most important factor in the purchase of a pet containment system. PetSafe Professional™ has such confidence in the reliability of its products that it offers a FREE Lifetime Unconditional Transferable warranty on its Professional System when installed by an Authorized PetSafe Professional™ such as Hickory Ridge Farms.

All of PetSafe's professional products are manufactured in ISO9002 certified factories. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a worldwide federation of national bodies from 140 countries that set strict manufacturing guidelines for quality assurance.

For professional installation, consult with Hickory Ridge Farms for reliable, affordable service.

Hickory Ridge Farms
A PetSafe Professional™ Dealer

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"Safe and

“I thoroughly appreciate my Professional PetSafe Hidden Dog Fence! My Australian Shepherd puppy quickly learned her boundaries, and I am confident that she is safe and secure in our yard. This system cost me less than a conventional fence, and it gives me the ability to enjoy an unobstructed view!”

- Ann McHugh, D.V.M.
Stanley Veterinary Clinic

* * *

"We would
definitely recommend it"

"My wife and I are extremely happy with every aspect of our PetSafe fence. We would definitely recommend it to a friend or relative.”

- Michael J. Kirsch,